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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mom Hands

You know how people always say that:
"mom's have the softest hands"?
Hmmm, well, not this momma. Every since my little guy was born my hands have begun to resemble a Tales From the Cript creature* (dry, cracking, scratched, uneven/broken nails, chipped polish).

I suppose its a result of washing my hands 100* times a day to avoid passing germs to Wes, or from washing a million* baby bottles a day, or from bumming off of the J&J baby lotion instead of using lotion that actually moisturizes because I am too tired to go find it. I'm sure each of these factors contribute to my condition.

You know that feeling when your hands are so dry that you can feel (and even hear) the dryness catching on cotton fabric that you touch? well, thats where I'm at. This mummy knows what I'm talking about:

{Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia}

*Potential exageration where all * are found



At February 25, 2010 at 5:30 PM , Blogger Shannon said...

I am loving this blog, Ash. It's brilliant! And this post cracked me up/made me cringe, because the WORST feeling is of your hands snagging on cotton. Like nails on a chalkboard kind of reaction for me. My suggestion would be to (since I know so much about mom hands-ha!) strategically place a moisturizing lotion at each spot that a baby lotion is positioned, thus making it convenient and handy (pardon the pun) to obtain the proper hand nourishment :). Good luck!


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