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Little Miss Momma: Spring Fashion Tips

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Fashion Tips

Guest Blogger: Fashionista On A Dime

I am super excited about today's guest blogger, the expert fashionista, AmandaFor those of you who didn't already know, I love to shop--I mean love to shop!

Yet, just because I love to shop doesn't mean I am really good at it. 
Case in point: It's Spring, and my wardrobe could really use a "colorful" and "bright" revamp--yet, when I head out to shop I only come home with gray and black--not cool, and certainly not colorful.

ENTER Fashionista on a Dime, with a solution to inability to create a "spring" style. So now I will hand you over to Amanda {you'll love her}.

Hello Ladies, Amanda from Fashionista On A Dime here! I'm thrilled to guest blog at Little Miss Momma today! Ashley so graciously let me guest blog about my favorite topic: fashion.

To me, fashion means finding the right clothes that work for you without breaking the bank. It also means understanding what works for your shape and playing up your features.  Clothes don't have to be expensive to look fabulous on you!

Now that we've established my fashion philosophy let’s move forward! Ashley brought an important topic to my attention that is unique and probably something you were curious about too.

How does one dress season-appropriate?

More specifically, how does one determine what to remove and add to their wardrobe in order to look fashionable for summer? Such a great question! Good News: Only a few tweaks are required to freshen up your look!

1. Tops….Examine your tops and blouses. Do any of them have a heavy knits? Like, sweaters or turtlenecks? Pack! Add tops that show off your shoulders like razorback tunic tanks.
These pair great with leggings or denim Capri's.

2. Cardigans….These work for both winter and spring. However, dark colors like maroon, gray, or black- should be saved for winter {sorry Ashley}. Replace them with lighter hues and fun prints. This looks refreshing with a summer dress.

3. Scarves…heavy knits and dark colors like black, gray, and maroon are reminiscent to winter. Put them away! Replace them with light cotton and linen scarves. Opt for vibrant, bold or pastel colors- even with a jazzy print- are so appropriate and fun!
4. Shoes…Say hello to Flip flops, gladiator sandals, open-toed heels and flats! Kiss your boots goodbye. You’ll see them next winter.

5. Pants…it’s definitely time to incorporate Bermuda shorts, Capri pants and lots of shorts. Be sure to add white denim jeans to your wardrobe. Nothing says 'hello' to summer fashion like white!

6. Hair Accessories...Let's not forget about hair accessories! Since we're putting up our hair, we should use fun and vibrant pretty little clips.  This is the least expensive way to start updating your wardrobe for summer.

The bottom line is to lighten up on color and fabric for your summer wardrobe.  It makes sense to do this because it's getting warmer outside, right.

Remember you don't have to spend endless amounts of money to update your wardrobe. If you're tight on cash, update what is necessary and you're all set! Thank you for reading! 

**Ashley here again, go visit
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At May 27, 2010 at 6:27 AM , Blogger Brittany and Johnse said...

fun post! thanks for the info :)

At May 27, 2010 at 7:04 AM , Blogger ~L~ said...

nice tips! and if you are looking for Fashion to make, check out my DIY sometime.



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