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Little Miss Momma: August 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Headband Challenge and Link Party

Get caught up on the challenge here.

What I Learned From the Headband Challenge:

1. Apparently my forehead is even larger than I already knew it was. And headbands can either hide or accentuate its massive surface area. I prefer to hide it.

2. I like headbands more than I knew.

3. They can be worn with pony tails. And when a busy week calls for limited hair washing, this style is the method of choice. Before this week, I had never worn a headband this way.

4. Strangers will compliment you. And who doesn't love a compliment from a stranger.

5. Headbands don't need to be matchy matchy with your outfit. 

6. Wearing a headband to the pool can take the attention off your swimsuit--two thumbs up.

7. Don't wear all your headbands at once.

8. Sometimes something as simple as stepping out of your comfort zone to wear a headband, can be just the nudge you need to build up the courage to be YOU.

9. I need more headbands.

family lunch day

pool day

actually flat ironed my hair day

errand running day

stayed in sweats day

bad hair day

sat at computer day

100 degree weather day

What did you learn from the headband challenge?

Now, time to link up.

Here's how:
On your blog, write a post and include all the pictures of you wearing your headbands, be sure to include a link back to LMM so others can join the party.  Publish the post.  Then copy the url {web address} for your specific headband post and head over here.  Scroll to the end of this post and then click "add your link".  Follow the instructions given on the next screen and paste your link in the appropriate box. After you paste your link, complete the instructions provided. Come up with a clever title that will make people want to click on your thumbnail.  Once you finish, a thumbnail of your post will show up here.  And then you're all linked up! That's it. Easy peasy.  
 Tell your friends to head over and "like" your thumbnail.  Thumbnails with more "likes" will most likely get featured. 

CONGRATS to Comment #473, Katey
you won the lovely Tiffany's Ring from Miss Mommy!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Moving!

I know, I know.
I've been saying it's gonna happen for a while now, and then it didn't.
Well, this time I mean it.
LMM is moving to Word Press.
Which means, things are gonna be a bit crazy
around these parts for the next few days.
Hence, photo of me being "crazy".
So hang in there while we work out the bugs
and unveil the new look
created by Shannon of Eight Crazy Designs.

dun, dun, dun.

Speaking of Eight Crazy Designs, Shannon needs some help from y'all. She is planning her high school reunion and wants to do something more than the typical hotel reception.  Any creative thoughts? Any links? Anything?

Also, if you have LMM bookmarked as,
be sure to switch it to

Monday, August 1, 2011

The List

Every Sunday night,
before I go to bed,
I sit down and I make a list
of all the things I hope to accomplish in the upcoming week.

This list literally has over a hundred "to-do's".
And no, I don't get to all of them.
Not even close.

Even the simplest things make the list.
Things like wash my hair, buy toothpaste,
bring sippy cups in from the car.

And then I have my "loftier" goals listed.
Things like start that diet, jog at least 3 times,
no hair pulling, organize my closet.

You see, I'm the kinda girl who likes to put it all down on paper,
and then I get this sort of sick satisfaction from taking a pen
and crossing off the items I have completed.
It's like a drug.

Hello, I am Ashley
and I am addicted to lists.

What's on your list this week? top three.

Psst. Did you notice my new heart stack rings care of Olive Bungalow?
They're my new favorite. Especially the B&A ring.
Cheesy and romantic--just how I like it.

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