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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guest Blogger: Little Bird

Allow me to introduce you to our latest Guest Blogger:
{Little Bird}, a dear friend and fabulous mommy of a darling little boy who keeps her on her toes.

And no, Little Bird is not her real name--its the nickname she earned as an infant when she would make little chirping noises and was "up with the birds" every morning as a baby (thats a nice way of saying that she woke up at a ridiculously early hour)--a characteristic that has not followed her into adulthood, but the nickname has stuck.

{Just look at that Momma and her baby boy}

{how cute is her little man, that smile--priceless}

Before I turn the floor over to LB there's something I want her to know, something I probably should have told her a while ago, something she needs to hear--and what better time and place then here and now, right? 

When I paint a picture in my mind of the most perfect a momma can realistically be, I see her face.  I see her being patient with her little guy, I see her spending quality time reading to him every day, I see her staying up with him at night when he is sick, I see her snuggling him at all the right moments and giving him the perfect kind of encouragement, I see her providing him with the ultimate example and raising him to be the kind of man we pray our son will become.  And I want her and you to know that she is the kind of mom I try to be every day!
So now let me turn it over to Little Bird.
On having a second...

child that is.

I have been thinking a lot about this (and no I do not have an announcement to make) it's more the thought of "how am I ever going to do that again?" especially knowing what I know now.

When you find out that you are pregnant with your first baby you have (due to your highly hormonal state) some lofty ideas of how your child will be. You see, for example, a woman at the grocery store peeling her child off the floor as he throws an embarrassing tantrum because she wouldn't buy him cookies, and you think "MY child will NEVER do that!" In addition, YOUR child will sleep through the night from the time he is born, he will never cry but rather whimper softly whenever he needs something, he will never interrupt your shower or spit up his entire bottle all over your new clothes, and he will be perfectly content to lie peacefully anywhere you set him and talk quietly to himself while you get the things done that you need to do. He will take excellent naps, always waking up in a pleasant mood and will pass right through teething without a sign of discomfort.

And then, you find yourself with a baby who you swear has been teething since day one, you have soap suds in your hair from the shower that you where halfway through, and you are looking frantically for something that you can wear that doesn't reek of sour spit up.

And then, when you go to visit your friend in the hospital, you hold her newborn baby and find yourself giving your husband that "Please can I have one?" look. What is it about women that draw us to babies? I have had days when my child won't leave me alone and I think that if another person touches me I will absolutely lose it; but a friend comes over with her baby and I hear myself saying "Awww... can I hold him?"

Which I suppose is why kids get siblings--because even though you know full well the ups and downs of having a baby, you can't shake that urge to hold a newborn, look into their eyes and know they are yours forever.

So then you look over at your little guy playing by himself and think "He could sure use a friend, someone to play with, which will allow me to get things done without a child attached to my leg", because I am sure that MY children will play nicely together ALL the time...

I can dream, can't I?

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