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Little Miss Momma: March 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Etsy Finds: All Things Owls--Hoo Hoo

10 Etsy Finds: All Things Owls {hoo hoo}

Today's 10 Etsy Finds were a real hoot to put together.
Ok, now that we got that terrible pun out of the way, on to more handmade goodness with an All Things Owls Theme,
because I {heart} owls, don't you:

Support Handmade and visit these talented vendors!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tired Hubby = Stinky Surprise for Mommy

Stories of a tired hubby

For those of you who follow my family blog, you have already been subjected to the following story--for those of you who haven't heard this story, well, you're in for a treat {sort of}.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I have a rather hands on hubby with his son--for which I am very grateful.  He doesn't hesitate to change a poopy diaper or take a midnight feeding.  Which leads me to my story:

A few weeks ago I was up with our teething baby ALL about 5 am Lil W decided he was up for the day and I was way too tired to get up with him...So, his awesome Daddy was sweet enough to get up with our Lil guy.

A few hours later, I woke up to a happy baby ready for a nap and a hard at work husband. The hubby had even already changed his poopy diaper! I got Lil W ready for the day, put him down for a nap and started my morning chores. When I was putting laundry away in his room I couldn't help but notice that it was sooooo stinky...

Maybe I needed to empty the diaper pail, I thought...I was wrong!
Apparently the hubby had attempted to change our Lil guy's diaper while still half asleep...and for about 3 hours this little surprise was waiting for me as proof that my hubster was out of it while diaper changing...

**WARNING**: Somewhat graphic image coming up.

Yep, a fresh poo ball that some how fell out of the diaper unbeknownst to daddy--how does that even happen {LOL}?

And that's not all...

A few weeks before the poo ball incident, I woke up with Lil W and we went about our previously mentioned morning routine where I change his diaper and clean him up for the day. When I set him on the changing table I couldn't figure out why his PJ's looked so different from the ones I put him in the night before.  Hmmm....

I mean, wasn't there a hippo on the front of these PJ's {or am I losing my mind}?...then I got the idea to check the back of his PJ's and this is what I found:

That's right! The poor little guys PJ's were on backwards. It seems that the hubby was VERY tired when he woke up in the middle of the night to change Lil W's diaper. So tired that when he put W's PJ's back on, he did so backwards.

Lil W spent the rest of the night with a frontal wedgie and his feet not fitting in the proper feety holes. Not the mention, the buttons on the onesie going all the way up his neck instead of down his back (Lil W didn't seem to mind one bit, though). I couldn't stop laughing while I changed his diaper. I just had to grab the camera to capture this moment...

And these stories are just {two} more reasons why I love my hubby!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Win Some Peace

Another Little Miss Momma GIVEAWAY
As you may have figured out, I do a bit of jewelry sales in my spare time and this giveaway will include some of my favorite items and best sellers!

The lucky winner will choose TWO *Peaces*
{yes, pun intended} from below:

Add some funk to any outfit with these super fun peaceful jewelry items:

Wooden Peace items:

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Want to win?! You have 9 chances to enter!
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{Peace Out}

*The winner will be announced on April 15th*


10 Etsy Finds: All Things Pearls

10 Etsy Finds: All Things Pearls

Ooooo, this was a fun fun fun 10 Etsy Finds to put together. 
 Pearls are such a classic and timeless accessory--and I think you will enjoy this Top 10!

Some fun, some fancy, some funky--ALL fabulous Etsy finds:

Support HANDMADE and visit these talented vendors today!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Love These Men

Lil W has been under the weather recently, so the hubby stayed home from Church with him today.

This is what I came home to:

{snug as a bug in a two little cuddle monsters}

I {heart} the boys in my life!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

And the Winner is...

Congratulations to the WINNER of
Little Miss Momma's First Ever Giveaway!

Christy at Embellished Bayou is our lucky winner and she gets to choose
THREE of her favorite items:

Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for
our next giveaway!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Week of Curious Crawling

The Week of Curious Crawling

If anyone asked me to my face, I would tell them that Baby W has been crawling for a few weeks now {give or take}--after all, he is nearly 9 months old. The reality (as I now know), is that he has been truly crawling for only about a week. I don't really think his break dancing worm maneuver he used to do to get from point A to point B really constituted crawling.

So when everyone would ask me "How much harder is life now that Lil W is crawling?", I told them it was pretty much the same. Ha! Now, I know that's because he wasn't crawling at all!

This week's addition of true hands and knees crawling has been a life changer in our house.

For example...

1. The cushions no longer live in their neat and pretty little home on my couch; instead, they have been strategically placed in a baby barricade all around my living room in a futile attempt to keep my Lil Monster in an area where he can cause the least amount of damage.

2. I now need a step stool and pads to protect my rib cage in order to get my son out of his jail-pit of a crib. Due to Lil W pulling himself up to a standing position and then proceeding to climb on top of his bumper until he is only inches from throwing himself over the edge of the crib {all the while with a huge dimply grin on his face}, we have been forced to change the height to its lowest setting--and his adorable bedding just doesn't look the same this way.

3. I have learned that no amount of child protective paraphernalia could make my house Lil W safe. This babe seems to have a honing device for all things sharp, fragile, hot, electric, and non-edible that exist in our home. I can have a what-seems-perfectly-constructed barricade in place, and this little guy always finds the one crevice that he can squish himself through as an escape from the land of soft and educational baby toys to the land of sharp and harmful household decor. No, I did not find him chewing on the end of the cable TV cord today; a Mother of the Year like myself would never be so irresponsible.

Here's how things go:

All pillows stacked nice and high to prevent an escaping baby.
He may look innocent, but he is actually planning his escape...

Now on to stage one of his escape--removal of highest pillow.

Stage Two: Attempt to convince Mommy that you are just innocently playing--and not in fact planning the third and final stage of your escape.  The hubby and I call those his Dr. Evil hands.

But Mommy doesn't believe you {even if you are making that adorable face with your hands neatly folded like a good little boy}, so she restacks the pillows and puts you back in the cushion jail...

So you wriggle your body through the one tiny crevice of pillows
 to show Mommy your "mad face"...

And then you look around and realize that you have, in fact, made it to the other side, and so
you turn that frown upside down:

Needless to say, some things have had to change around our home--and aside from the remodel of my couch cushions, those changes have been for the better. Changes such as spending time with my Lil guy, instead of just passing the time. {And, yes, I cringe at the very admittance that I would ever ever ever just pass the time with my adorable babe--but the reality is this happens sometimes, maybe more than we want to admit}.

But this week, the week of curious crawling, Lil W received an overload of Mommy-time. Because with crawling comes more curiosity which breeds more energy which equals one hyper baby sick-and-tired of our boring and monotonous home life.

And you know what? As it turns out--this whole curious crawling thing has been a blessing in disguise--because now I've realized that I needed this little wake up call.

A wake up call that this adorable and curious stage is passing quickly {too quickly}.

A wake up call that it's time to take a deep breath, set aside the to-do list and spend the next 3 hours just watching the simple pleasure of my son picking grass at the park {because life won't always be this simple}.

A wake up call that it's time to set aside the cell phone and email inbox and hold him while he takes his nap and just admire his slow breathing and peaceful lips as he burrows his head into my arms {because he won't cuddle like this forever}.

A wake up call that it's ok, it's actually even fantastic to just BE with my babe without multitasking a billion other chores {because the laundry will still be there tomorrow, but he won't always be learning to crawl}.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GIVEAWAY: 2 Days Left to WIN 3 Awesome Pieces

You Still Have Time to WIN
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