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Little Miss Momma: April 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just Because...

Thank you Pinterest,
for helping me find these inspiring words.

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What I Wore on Mini Date Night

What I Wore on Our 45 Minute Date

We don't get out much,
unless there's a squirmy toddler in tow.
When we dated, we went to see a movie every week--every week people.
Now we're lucky if we see a movie every season.

And I suppose I have that first time momma anxiety
where my mind renders me physically incapable of calling a teenage babysitter to watch my pride and joy.
I need to get over it, I know. 
But so far,  my Mom and a few other adult friends
are the only babysitters Baby W has ever known.

So last night, when my Momma was visiting
she suggested we go out to dinner--alone.
And we didn't turn down her offer.
Two minutes after she made the suggestion,
we were dressed and ready to go.
And this is what I wore
for chips
and crunchy chicken tacos.

Yes, I had to loosen the belt after our third basket of chips.

Black Cotton Sun Dress: Old Navy. Shoes: Forever 21.
Belt: Macy's Clearance Bin. Cardigan: Old Navy.

Because the hubby was determined to be a gentleman on our mini date, he insisted on driving--bum leg and all. But it meant I had to sit in the back seat while he propped his leg on the passenger seat.

Good times.

As always, I will be linking up my outfit to these favorite blogs:


Momma Go Round


the pleated poppy blog

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

Take it from my new favorite gal,
YOU can be ANYTHING--even a Princess.
And that's pretty awesome!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some of My Favorite Mom Moments

I love when I find a blog that tells it like it is,
while also staying positive about Motherhood
and life.

While I don't always succeed,
its exactly what I strive for in my own blog.

Like how sometimes Motherhood stinks, literally--but it will always leave you smiling.

Like how sometimes the only solution to a day full of tantrums, back arching and food throwing is a super-sized value meal.

Like how motherhood is synonymous with worry-hood.

Like how in becoming a momma, you both lose your identity while also discover who you really are.

Like how motherhood is just plain funny at times--bottom line.

So when I find another blog
that addresses the reality of motherhood
through stories about "Mom Moments" we can all relate to,
it makes me happy.

Meet Tiffany,
the Mom blog for the Clorox brand.
{the same blog I guest posted on earlier this week}.

When she's not chasing her son around for diaper changes,
convincing her daughter not to wear goggles to bed,
or trying to get unidentified stains out of her kids’ clothes,
she works in the marketing department at Clorox.

Her posts have me nodding my head in agreement,
laughing out loud,
and feeling warm and fuzzy with the knowledge
that I am not alone in this adventure of motherhood.

Tiffany tells the best stories.
Like the one where her daughter embarrassed her in public when she asked a "poop" question.
Or the time she realized that having kids is like eating humble pie.
Or the time she candidly talks about the challenges of being a new mom.
Or the one where she talked about the foolishness of the "pre-mommyhood" days.

I could relate to each and every one of these posts.
So if you have a moment,
and are looking for a reason to smile
then visit Tiffany
and discover your Mom Moments.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eye SPY: Shoes and Jewelry Edition

Eye SPY: Shoes and Jewelry Edition
{get caught up here}

This weeks theme has me pretty excited.
It just so happens that shoes and jewelry are my two favorite things
{second to my sons laugh and my husbands dimples--oh, and when my mom comes to visit}.

But before we dive into my accessory collection,
I want to assure everyone that if you were worried after reading my last post, don't be.  
I am OK!
In fact, I am great.
I am happy.
My secret is only a small part of who I am--my battle to overcome.
And as so many of you pointed out in the comments section,
we all have battles.
Overcoming them and working through them is what makes us stronger.
And I am getting stronger everyday, largely thanks to your support.
And if revealing my secret in some small way helps anyone else out there,
then my burden has become a blessing--and that's a burden worth carrying.

Now, onto the fun stuff.
Let's start with my "pumps" as my Momma calls them.

From the top left to right.
1. Bakers
2. Forever 21
3. Forever 21
4. Bakers
5. Bakers
6. Bakers

And now, my wedges: 

From the top left to right.
1. Aerosoles
2. Coach {via Nordstroms Rack}
3. Macy's
4. Coach {via Nordstroms Rack}
5. Macy's
6. same as #3

And, my flats:

1. Aerosoles
2. Old Navy
3. Target

My everyday tennies, all Converse:

I think I have an addiction to boots.
Is there a name for that?

Forever 21

Both from Famous Footwear online.

Ugg's from Nordstroms.

Now for the Bling {jewelry}

Left holder: Marshall's
Right Holder: Pottery Barn Kids

From left to right.
1. American Eagle
3. Forever 21
4. American Eagle
5. Forever 21

From left to right.

1. Watch, Target
2. Button Necklace tutorial here
3. Lace Flower Bib Necklace tutorial here

Both necklaces from Lisa Leonard Designs.

1. Headband: Just.Lovely.Things
2. Pearl Bracelet: Lee La La
3. Earrings: Forever 21

1. Large Teal Earrings: Forever 21
2. Cabochon Earrings: Love Stitched
3. Mum Ring: Little Miss Momma Shop
4. Tiffany's Silver Charm Bracelet

All from Forever 21

My wedding ring.

My everyday ring.

And there you have it!
Boy, that was fun!
I can't wait to drool over all your goodies.

Link up below girlies!

As always, please link back to this post so others can join the party.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I posted my secret nearly a year ago.
I made myself vulnerable.
I put it all out there,
in hopes that the exposure would give me
some control,
some resolve to stop.

And it did.
For about two months.
But then I got comfortable,
and I started to pull again.
A lot.

And for the past few months
I haven't been brave enough to talk about it again,
to appear weak
or fragile
or even worse...
like a failure.

You see, for years
I have always been smart about my pulling;
carefully selecting hairs that no one would miss,
that wouldn't alter my hair style,
that wouldn't result in a bald spot.
And sure, my hair was thinner
but my extensions could hide that for me.
It was my little secret.

But this time has been different.
This time my pulling is obvious.
This time I can't hide the damage I have done.
This time, people are noticing.
And this time I am mortified.

Those closest to me,
have very cautiously,
and very sensitively,
and very nervously mentioned
and ever so slightly alluded to the fact
that they can tell I have been pulling more than usual.
I notice them trying to disguise their glances at my thinning hair.
But I catch them looking,
and then I see the worry on their faces,
and it breaks my heart.

I think for the most part I have been in denial,
focusing my attention on my busy toddler and his sleep condition,
or my husband and his recovery,
all the while telling myself,
Oh, it's ok, I can stop tomorrow--I have control.

But I never stop tomorrow.
And I don't have control.
And it's time I admit that.

So as much as this kills me,
and trust me, it does,
I feel the need to take drastic measures,
in my second attempt at resolve.

My first post revealed my secret,
but now it's time to expose it.
No more hiding behind a mask of what appears to be thick flowing hair...

Because this is what I let you see:

But, upon closer inspection this is my reality:

I don't even have the nerve to make the pic larger.

And it makes me sick to my stomach.
Makes me feel weak.
Make me feel like a disappointment
to those who believe in me.
Makes a girl who needs to be in control
feel like she's losing it.
And that scares me.

I hope I didn't freak you out too much.
Can we still be friends?

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How to Stencil a Purse or Tote

DIY Stencil Tote
How to stencil on your favorite tote or purse.
Perfect for canvas, burlap and cotton market bags.

Canvas, cotton or burlap tote {I got mine from the sale section at Cost Plus}
Queen Bee Stencil from Your Memories Captured
Fabric paint
Sponge brush
Scotch Tape {not pictured}

{purchase stencil here}

First, securely tape your stencil in place.
Be sure you have smoothed the stencil out as much as possible, and that there are no wrinkles in the fabric.
It may be best to iron your fabric first.

Now, always remember that "less is more" when painting the stencil.
Apply a small amount of the fabric paint to your sponge brush and then dab the brush on a paper towel to remove any extra paint.

I like to hold down the part of the stencil that I will be painting in.
This way I can be sure that no paint gets outside the lines.
DAB, don't brush the paint onto the stencil.

Like I said, less is more--so start with a thin first layer of paint over the entire stencil. Then paint another coat until you have your desired coverage.

If you hold the stencil in place like I do, then your fingers will look like this after.  The mark of a true crafter.

This is my stencil all painted in.
I purposely didn't paint evenly because I wanted the more "worn out" and vintage look.

Slowly remove your stencil and allow the paint to dry.
It is easiest if you wash your stencil right away.
Just place under a stream of warm/hot water with a bit of dish soap.
You won't even need to scrub--the paint will rinse right off.

And that's it!

I have so many fun projects planned for this stencil:
  • burlap pillow
  • framed picture
  • place mats
  • cork board
Be sure to check out all the other inspiring stencils from

And I will see you tomorrow for the
I SPY: jewelry and shoes edition

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